Craft beer delivery with Cybercellar

Cybercellar Beer Review

I’m a simple kind of guy. Good food, some beer and a bit of whisky and I’m happy. Let’s chat about beer for a bit – craft beer to be more specific. The choice is huge and I’m not always sure which one to get. Added to that, you have to queue while the guy behind you sneezes all over your beer haul. Bleak. Never fear though! Enter, Cybercellar!

I Went To Whisky Live 2016, Thanks to Bottleshop

whiskylive (1)

What a phenomenal experience! I went to Whisky Live 2016 last week and it was beyond awesome!

It all started with a mailer from Bottleshop (by the way, if you’re still buying your booz anywhere else you need to visit these guys ASAP!) sent out a mailer with a competition, which I promptly entered!

All that was involved was pasting a pre-written tweet and hitting send. Dead easy, huge reward!

Top Gear Season 23 Trailer


Are you excited? Is Top Gear ruined? Where’s Clarkson and his hammer? Whatever the answer, the Top Gear season 23 trailer is here.

I’ll give the new team a chance, and I’ll admit that the new trailer does look pretty cool. No confirmed dates on when the new series will air – but here’s the trailer to keep you busy in the mean time.

What do you think of the trailer? Are you excited for Top

The New Killswitch Engage Album is Finally Here!


It’s finally here!

Incarnate has landed – Killswitch Engage’s brand new album hit stores on 10 March 2016. They’re one of my favourite bands, even though I was sceptical after Howard Jones left the band in early 2012. Their Disarm the Decent album release was good – but not my favourite stuff.

Anyway, all that aside – this is still a killer album. Definitely recommend the buy. I grabbed my copy on Google Music

Free News Servers in South Africa


Unlike international ISPs, South Africa still seems fairly open to Usenet and Newsgroup use – even hosting free news servers on their networks. I guess it’s like a Value Added Service of sorts?

If you’re with one of the major ISPs chances are there’s a a news server hosted on their network somewhere ready for use, for free!

While these servers are useful, it’s normally a better idea to use a premium Usenet provider as they

Project: Internet


Not really sure on where to start and end on this one. I’ll probably end up doing a home networking post as a separate project, otherwise this will just be too long.

I like to think I have my own DC (Data Centre) in my flat. A bunch of storage, backup options, media streaming… all coupled with a DC grade internet connection of 10Mbps. Pain!

I’m sure you all know that speeds are pretty limiting in

Fiery Sunrise at Noordhoek Beach

noordhoek beacn sunrise

Time to test out that golden hour lighting!

Yes, it’s worth it! Headed out to Noordhoek beach just before the sun started coming up. The recent fires around Cape Town probably added to the dramatic colours, but wow. If I didn’t have such a hard time waking up before the sunrise on the weekend I’d do this every weekend.

This was also my longest flight, heading 500m out from take off.

Enjoy :)

Klein Constantia Aerial Trip


I’ve been hard at work scrounging around on Google Maps since getting my Inspire 1 on spots to fly. There’s been a bunch of reading on what to do and what not to do – which narrows down the places to fly responsibly to only a handful.

If you’re interested in checking out where to fly, what not to do and a run down of everything drone, quad or UAV related within South Africa, head over

I got a DJI Inspire 1


I’ll go more into the details about this soon, but long story short – I’ve officially got my hands on a DJI Inspire 1!

For those that don’t know, it’s some next-gen, transforming consumer drone. Or quad. Or UAV. Whatever works for you.

Took it out on it’s maiden flight at some cricket grounds down the road. While it was awesome fun, it’s seriously nerve-racking seeing this piece of kit hovering in the sky. Having come