Klein Constantia Aerial Trip


I’ve been hard at work scrounging around on Google Maps since getting my Inspire 1 on spots to fly. There’s been a bunch of reading on what to do and what not to do – which narrows down the places to fly responsibly to only a handful.

If you’re interested in checking out where to fly, what not to do and a run down of everything drone, quad or UAV related within South Africa, head over to Safe Drone for some reading.

After dropping the little Street View guy in some remote areas, I found that Klein Constantia had Street View mapped out with some pretty epic views. There are also no people around, which is a plus considering I’ve only had the drone for a few weeks. Ended up getting permission (please don’t just rock up and expect to fly around) from the super friendly guys over at Klein Constantia and got the Inspire 1 up in the air.

It was awesome!

I lugged my Nikon up there too and got some shots from the ground too. Ended up stitching a quick video together too, which I’ll link in below. More practice, and a lot of flying time is needed!

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