Top Gear Season 23 Trailer


Are you excited? Is Top Gear ruined? Where’s Clarkson and his hammer? Whatever the answer, the Top Gear season 23 trailer is here.

I’ll give the new team a chance, and I’ll admit that the new trailer does look pretty cool. No confirmed dates on when the new series will air – but here’s the trailer to keep you busy in the mean time.

What do you think of the trailer? Are you excited for Top Gear season 23?


There have been a bunch of rumours surrounding the new Top Gear hosts and the show itself. As a huge petrol head, I can honestly say I’m excited about Top Gear season 23, I’ll give the show a few episodes to prove itself, but I’ll see it as a new show entirely. It won’t be the same without the regular three old men.

On that note though, I’m pretty stoked that Top Gear is on air again alongside the Amazon’s new Prime show featuring Jeremy Clarkon, Richard Hammond and James May. A lot to look forward to terms of car show during 2016.

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