Project: Internet


Not really sure on where to start and end on this one. I’ll probably end up doing a home networking post as a separate project, otherwise this will just be too long.

I like to think I have my own DC (Data Centre) in my flat. A bunch of storage, backup options, media streaming… all coupled with a DC grade internet connection of 10Mbps. Pain!

I’m sure you all know that speeds are pretty limiting in South Africa, I’m pretty happy to have a stable-ish 10Mbps ADSL line – my last place couldn’t get higher than 4Mbps, somehow you made do.

Can’t complain too much though, I’m connected to the net 24/7 and it works. I download a bunch of stuff, so the requirements are pretty high. Give my blog on data storage a read if you’re interested on where all my usage goes :)

Off the bat, I’m pretty biased towards Afrihost. I’ve been working there for a little over 3 years, and one of the many perks of having a job there is free interwebz!

The need

Fast (or as fast as my area can support), reliable connection. Preferably unshaped.

The solution

Afrihost Business Uncapped – 10Mbps.

It’s been awesome! Uncapped, unshaped awesomeness. The only feature I’m not using on the account is a static IP. More on this later – but I’ve got a hack/ DIY solution which has been working well for me over the years.

What’s great about the Business accounts is there there’s no shaping, no throttling and no thresholds. I’ll use at least 1TB/ month.

The details

It’s a pretty standard setup, my current router is the ASUS DSL N-55U which handles the WiFi & WAN. It’s by far the best DSL router I’ve used – although my current plan is to ditch the onboard WiFi, replacing it with a Ubiquiti enterprise solution – because we all know that consumer WiFi products suck.

So, the ASUS handles keeping my connection alive. Everything else is run off Gigabit switches which runs traffic to my IP cameras, Synology box and HTPC.

Future plans around Internet access depend on whether Telkom offers VDSL or Fibre in my area. Currently, 2 blocks down the road has 40Mbps VDSL, and 2 blocks in the other direction there are plans for fibre… with my stuck in the middle with a 10Mbps ADSL connection. Meh!


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