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Cybercellar Beer Review

I’m a simple kind of guy. Good food, some beer and a bit of whisky and I’m happy. Let’s chat about beer for a bit – craft beer to be more specific. The choice is huge and I’m not always sure which one to get. Added to that, you have to queue while the guy behind you sneezes all over your beer haul. Bleak. Never fear though! Enter, Cybercellar!

Sometimes going to the bottle store is a pain, and you never know what stock is available. If you’re like me, anything delivered to your door is an instant win. The guys over at Cybercellar got in touch to see if I wanted to check out some of their stuff. Yes please!

They sent over 6 craft beers to review – thanks guys!

Cybercellar’s website is really well laid out, they’ve got a great selection of craft beer (and wine but I won’t even try and delve into that complicated world) and the best bit – they recommend food pairings! If you don’t already have an account go sign up and start shopping! They’re also launching something soon called Express Delivery which’ll have your order delivered to you within 3 hours. Legendary!

Alrighty, enough talk – let’s review some beer! If you’re interested in any of beers I talk about here I’ve linked them all at the end of the blog.

I started off with the lagers. You’ll probably notice this is my go-to type of beer.

Cybercellar craft beers


CBC Lager

Crisp, clean and a really great lager. This is the “go with almost anything” kind of beer. It’s an excellent choice around the braai or with that week night pizza take-out.

cbc lager cybercellar

Stellenbrau Craven Lager

My favourite “out of Cape Town” lager. The guys over in Stellies really know how to make a lager – this beer was voted as a top lager at the Global Craft Beer Awards in Berlin in 2014. It’s got a nice rich, foamy head and a malted aftertaste. An awesome fruity lager for summer.

stellenbrau lager cybercellar


Devil’s Peak Lager

Ah, Devil’s Peak! My favourite brewery around. Their Taproom is a place of pure awesome, but if you’re wanting their beer to enjoy at home, there are two that stand out for me – the Lager being one of them. I probably have to start narrowing my favourite beers down to the suburb. Stellies takes it with their Craven Lager – but anywhere near the mountain and Devil’s Peak takes the prize for me.

The crispest, freshest lager around.

devils peak lager cybercellar


Devil’s Peak IPA

While we’re narrowing favourite beers down to the suburb – I’ll introduce you to the finest IPA in the land. I honestly haven’t tasted a better IPA anywhere in SA. Devil’s Peak King’s Blockhouse is an American styled IPA with grapefruit notes coming through which adds a good bitterness. Devil’s Peak also has a hoard of awards for this beer: 2011, 2012 and 2014 Cape Town Festival of Beer, the 2014 Johannesburg Festival of Beer – and was the winner of the 2014 SAB Craft Brewer Championship.

Cybercellar recommends a pairing with pork belly – I agree!

devils peak ipa cybercellar


Darling Brew Silver Back

One of my favourite winter beers. Deep flavours, dark, cloudy appearance with the smallest touch of bitterness. Banters beware though, there are a few ingredients that Mr Noakes won’t agree with – but with beer that tastes this good it shouldn’t really matter. Paired with a low and slow Sunday roast or even a winter braai, Darling Brew have got this stout-like beer bang on. Another please!

cybercellar darling brew silver back


Innis & Gunn Original

I’ve always been a fan of having a beer with dinner, another after dinner and a whisky after that. The geniuses at Innis & Gunn have set out to mature this extraordinary beer in barrels that previously used to age Bourbon. While I’m not a fan of Bourbon, paired with this beer makes everything tick – and makes a whole lot of sense! Spicy aromas with a hint of vanilla finishes off this beer really nicely. While there are definitely notes of whisky, the beer’s surprisingly light all things considered.

Cybercellar reckons this goes well with roast pork, duck or chicken – roasty flavours tend to go amazingly well with this beer.

innis gunn original cybercellar


What else do Cybercellar sell?

They are an online bottle store after all. From wine, to mixed cases, mixers and bar accessories – they’ve got you covered.

Thanks again for sending over the beer guys, it was epic fun doing the reviews!!


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