Free News Servers in South Africa


Unlike international ISPs, South Africa still seems fairly open to Usenet and Newsgroup use – even hosting free news servers on their networks. I guess it’s like a Value Added Service of sorts?

If you’re with one of the major ISPs chances are there’s a a news server hosted on their network somewhere ready for use, for free!

While these servers are useful, it’s normally a better idea to use a premium Usenet provider as they generally offer better retention, SSL and authentication. I’d recommend XSUsenet [affiliate link] and XS News.

Here’s a table breakdown of each ISP provided news server details:


Host Port SSL Username Password Connections Retention Backbone Provider
Afrihost 119 No None None 10 200 days Highwinds
Axxess  119  No  None  None 5 200 days Highwinds
MWEB  –  –  –  –  –  – VAS via Giganews
Vox Telecom  –  –
Webafrica 119 No None None 5  90 days Internet Solutions
Internet Solutions 119  No None None  5  90 days  Internet Solutions
Telkom 119  No None None  3  ? SAIX
Crystal Web  23, 80, 119 [Non-SSL]

22, 443, 563 [SSL]

Yes ISP provided ISP provided  15  2000+ days NextGenNews









The ISP specific details are also broken down individually here.

Happy downloading!


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