Here’s my new blog. Woohoo!



The new blog has had so many excuses on not getting done. It’s been in every category – later, next week, this weekend and my favourite, when I have time.

For those that know/ follow me – I’ve had blogs before, and they’re been super starters that slowly fade away. So this time, I’m taking a bit of a different approach. My most recent blog (if you wanna call it that) was/ is Tech Social. Which, if I look at it now, tried to be this massively cool blog/ news site. But really, I would just take news snippets from somewhere else and make it my own. Which was a little boring.

So 16-bit is going to be about what I do, what I know, what I do in my spare time and a bit more personal. That goes any thing from my extremely limited Arduino builds to HTPC setups and media stuff. I’ve got some basic categories down which will probably change as time goes on.

So. Let’s get this party started! I’ll hopefully sit down a bit later and hit up another post.

I’m building a mini man cave too, so check back for progress on that!


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