I Went To Whisky Live 2016, Thanks to Bottleshop

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What a phenomenal experience! I went to Whisky Live 2016 last week and it was beyond awesome!

It all started with a mailer from Bottleshop (by the way, if you’re still buying your booz anywhere else you need to visit these guys ASAP!) sent out a mailer with a competition, which I promptly entered!

All that was involved was pasting a pre-written tweet and hitting send. Dead easy, huge reward!

How awesome is that! I was heading to Whisky Live 2016 on Thursday 14 April. I called the first whisky lover I knew, my old man and we set things up for a fantastic night of whisky tasting.

The night of Whisky Live 2016

Arrived at the Waterfront for a quick bite to eat before heading up to The Lookout. Seeing all the stands was overwhelming to say the least. So many great distilleries there, along with a store from Norman Goodfellows. Was also really awesome seeing Uber have a stand there. Also, thanks to them for getting me home safely that night :)

Armed with our taster glasses and a bottle of water, we headed to the Jura stand to meet Hector Mc Beth who helped arrange the tickets I won through Bottleshop. What a legend of a human being. He set us up for the night on how to taste the whisky properly and gave some general run downs of how things work. While I do drink whisky, I’m by no means the most knowledgable guy around. So armed with my now connoisseur grade pallet and nose we kicked the tasting off.

I thought we’d have a teaspoon of whisky from each place (you get a card preloaded with some credits to pay for the tasters) but it was the complete opposite. Most stands we visited dished up either a single or a double, along with interesting stories and processes behind the brand or specific whisky we were tasting. This was great!

We tasted a 12 year old Jura and an 18 year of Dalmore. NEXT.

Glenfiddich, Glenlivet, Glenmorangie, Lagavulin, Bains, Chivas Regal, Ardbeg and Maccallan all saw visits from us.

By the time we hit the 4th or 5th place the tasting got a lot more vigorous, louder and the whisky got smoother. I honestly could have spent all night there!
The highlights of the evening for both my Dad and myself was definitely Chivas Regal. We tried the Extra to start off with, visited a few other stands and went back for more and ended up hanging around, trying out the 18 year old – my favourite of the evening.

A superb evening all around, really well organised event and an amazing chance to taste all kinds of whisky that you don’t normally try. Whisky Live 2016 was an absolute blast, I’m going back next year. If you like whisky – go next year if you missed out this year.


Another HUGE thanks to Hector Mc Beth and Bottleshop for sending me to Whisky Live 2016!!

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